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February 17, 2021

This Week: Greed, Bitcoin & Global Vaccine Rollout

What should investors know in order to make the best decisions with their money this week? Investor greed, bitcoin basics, vaccine rollout and the impact on the markets, and more. Watch the video.

What Stage of Life Are You At?

Early On The Career Path

With your career going strong and some money to invest, we can help you to get started in building the path to short and long term financial success.   Learn more >

Prime Earning Years

You’re doing well and are thinking about saving for the future, whether it’s planning for your kids post-secondary education or ensuring you have the financial means to live the lifestyle you desire in retirement.   Learn more >

Stress Free Retirement

You’ve built your nest egg and now are focused on protecting what you’ve built, while also continuing to grow your portfolio. It’s important you have the income you need for your retirement lifestyle.   Learn more >

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The Sunday Money Show – February 21, 2021

What happens when investors get greedy? Listen to my Sunday Money Show podcast as we discuss whether greed is good for investors and why it is important to understand your investment risk tolerance. We also answered your questions on gold stocks, vaccine rollouts, and more.

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