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Recently, some investors are looking to make much speculative investments, wanting to chase stocks and “high flyers” in the hopes of getting better returns, while straying outside of their baseline investment strategy. Strategies vary from person to person, but this can be a riskier situation.

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The Sunday Money Show – March 7, 2021

The Sunday Money Show – February 21, 2021

What happens when investors get greedy? Listen to my Sunday Money Show podcast as we discuss whether greed is good for investors and why it is important to understand your investment risk tolerance. We also answered your questions on gold stocks, vaccine rollouts, and more.

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This Week: Reddit Traders, Vaccines & Valuations

News headlines erupted and investors watched with fascination as a David & Goliath story played out when a group of amateur retail Reddit investors went up against Wall Street hedge funds that were looking to short stocks, such as GameStop. Check out my latest video to learn more.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Before I met Allan Small, I was in the workforce and invested with one of the major Canadian banks, my retirement portfolio was going nowhere. After investing with Allan Small, I am now retired and have a secure financial future.
Scarborough, Ontario

For the past 12 years my financial future has been in Allan’s capable hands. Allan is honest, trustworthy and dedicated. I trust his advice and guidance, and now in my senior years I am always encouraged by his optimism! Thank you Allan.
Thornhill, Ontario

As a young investor, it's extremely comforting knowing my financial future is in the safe and fruitful hands of Allan. He's honest, transparent, dedicated to his craft, and he always responds - even on a beach vacation.
Toronto, Ontario

I’ve had the pleasure of using Allan’s services for over 10 years. The only thing that has impressed me more than his responsiveness and overall professionalism has been the results. Amazing! I’m looking forward to another 10 years of success!
Nobleton, Ontario

Allan Small has acted as our financial advisor for the past 10 years and during that time we have developed a relationship built on trust and honesty. With Allan’s expertise, our portfolio has produced excellent results on a consistent basis.
Toronto, Ontario