The Canadian and U.S. markets continue to be as volatile as they ever have been. Whether it is geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine, terrorist activities around the world, or the price of oil and commodities falling sharply, the current volatility is here to stay!

As an investor, with market volatility as high as it is, whom can you turn to, to help you invest your hard earned money? It is in times like this, where investors really need the help of a professional Investment Advisor to guide them through the ups and downs of the market. The most important question is, how do you know that your current advisor is doing a good job and that you have the right person to advise you?

The Qualities

The number one quality of an exceptional investment advisor is that they consider the needs of their client ahead of their own. Do you trust your investment advisor? Your advisor should not be worried about how they will get paid but instead are concerned about how their client’s goals and objectives will be met.

Some investors have it incorrect in that they look at the letters behind an advisors name or how big their business may be to figure out if they are good at what they do. Although education and size of business are important, they are not as important as finding the right person that will watch out for your best interests ahead of everything else.

You want to work with an advisor that follows and understands the markets. You don’t want someone that passes off the responsibility of your account to someone else (i.e. mutual fund or third party manager). Your advisor should understand what is happening on Bay and Wall Streets and be able to explain why the market is behaving as it is.

It is paramount that you deal with an Investment Advisor that provides exceptional service. When you have a question and need clarification, your advisor should be there to provide answers in a timely manner! An advisor should be front and centre especially in volatile times like today, when investors need direction and a plan to weather these turbulent markets.

Good Time For a Second Opinion

If you think that your investments are not being looked after, you are probably right. You deserve better! There are many good quality advisors that provide excellent service, follow and understand the markets and put the needs of their clients first. As an investor, you should be searching for an advisor that has these qualities.

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