Two years ago, PwC published a study on small and mid-size businesses providing financial advice in Canada. The report revealed there were about 80,000 financial advisors working in this segment, which accounted for $19 billion in GDP and 180,000 jobs. These are big numbers. Factor in that most of us have similar credentials and it’s easy to see just how difficult it is for investors to decide who to hire.

Credentials, of course, only go so far, but I’ll start with mine. I am financial management advisor (FMA) and a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI). I am also an entrepreneur. My focus is always on my clients. I grow my business by making sure my clients are achieving their goals.

Unlike many investment advisors who use pre-made portfolios or templates from third parties, I build customized portfolios for each and every client. I have access to a wide range of investment products and every portfolio is designed with the best investments to meet specific individual needs and risk tolerances. There are no shortcuts or cookie cutter solutions.

I am very knowledgeable about what’s happening in the markets. I have 20 years’ experience and a strong reputation in the industry for my expertise in navigating market volatility and capitalizing on opportunity. As a result, I am often called upon by the media to share my insights into economics and investing and am a regular contributor to BNN and CP24. Wealth Professional magazine ranked me one of the top 50 advisors in Canada for 2015.

Perhaps the greatest differentiator between myself and the thousands of investment advisors in Canada is my dedication to my clients. I always put each and every client first. From day one, I put in writing what I am going to do for you and that I will contact you every six to eight weeks to ensure we’re on track. Of course, I am always accessible. You can reach out to me whenever you like and I will answer any questions or concerns you have.

And it will be me. I’m the person you high-five when everything is going well and the person you complain to if it isn’t. I take accountability very seriously. The buck stops squarely with me. All of my clients deal directly with me, not with an associate.

Call Me or Email Me

My approach to investing is straightforward. I help my clients find good quality investments that will help them meet their goals. I build custom portfolios for each client.

I’m currently offering a complimentary portfolio review where we sit down together to review your portfolio in an introductory meeting that focuses on five main things: Where are you today? Where do you want to be tomorrow? What’s your timeline? What’s your risk tolerance? There also will be a discussion of strategies that could give you a better plan to secure and grow your portfolio. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other. I welcome you to call me at 416-332-3863 or email me at allan@allansmall.com

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