Welcome to the launch episode of the Allan Small Financial Show, a live digital show. Every two weeks, at noon on Wednesday, we will touch on what’s happening in the markets and discuss things we think you might want to consider for the weeks ahead. At the end of each show, we take live questions from the audience on financial matters.

On this first show, we have four main segments. We discuss the value of understanding what investments you hold and where they are trading. Secondly, what are three things investors might want to consider over the next 5-10 business days. Third, if you have some money to invest in a portfolio, where should you be investing it. Finally, we’ll respond to questions from our live audience. Enjoy the show.

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My approach to investing is straightforward. I study the markets, global economies and what’s happening within industries to be in a position to best help my clients find good quality investments that will help them meet their goals. I build custom portfolios for each client. I welcome you to call me at 416-332-3863 or email me at allan@allansmall.com.

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