Longest US bull market in history since WWII. Will it continue?– Many believe that Wed. Aug. 22 marked the longest US bull market in history with the S&P500 having risen more than 320% since the index’s low mark on March 9, 2009.

  • Do you think this is one of the longest bull markets?
  • Do you think this bull market could run another year?
  • Many people are starting to talk about a pull back. They’re worried that things can’t go on forever and we’re nearing  a peak. What are your thoughts on that? Do you think a correction is coming?
  • Do you think things may slow down but we will remain in bull market territory?

A quick look around the world —  A few years ago, Greece dominated the headlines with an economic crisis that impacted markets. Earlier this week, Greece exited its bailout loan program. Does this put an end to worries about Greece?

  • Some are now saying that Italy’s and Spain’s economies are vulnerable. Does this suggest there will be issues for the Euro and Europe moving forward or is it a smaller issue? Is it anything for North American investors to be concerned about?
  • Venezuela also has recently devalued its currency. What impact, if any, will this have for the broader markets. Is it fairly isolated?

Canadian Banks – were in the early stages of Canadian banks reporting last week and into next week

  • What are you expecting to hear?
  • Have the results been good so far?
  • Are they something that you think should be a core part of many people’s portfolios?
  • Several banks have been expanding into other markets. How is that working out?

Interest rates – There is some debate about whether the Bank of Canada will raise interest rates in September or October. US President Donald Trump has been making some headlines recently for criticizing US Fed Chair Jerome Powell for raising interest rates.

  • Do you envision another increase in interest rates in Canada?
  • Any sense of when the Bank of Canada might make a move?
  • Why do you think Trump is going after the Fed? Is he trying to actually lower the US dollar, which seems very strong at the moment?

Mutual Funds — Why do people say when you purchase a mutual Fund, you are ‘buying’ the fund manager?

  • What is the role of the fund manager?
  • What advantages to mutual funds offer to investors?
  • What are your thoughts on all the talks about mutual fund fees?

Rapid Fire questions

  • Mutual funds – Is investing long term in mutual funds a good return on your money?
  • Tesla – Tesla has come under pressure lately and there stock has been down. What do you think of Tesla as an investment? Or, do you think Musk is going to take it private?
  • Bank earnings —  We know you watch the banks quite closely. We’re in the middle of reporting earnings. What are you looking to hear?
  • What do you think of the idea of taking out a loan to invest?

Don’t hesitate to turn for help in terms of getting financial advice (Allan Small Difference)

  • How should people evaluate their investment advisor? How do you know if you have a good fit?
  • What should you look for in a good investment advisor?
  • Is there a difference in how investment advisors construct portfolios for their clients?

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