Are the markets going to go lower? Am I going to lose all my money? Are we headed into recession? What happens if we are? These are just some of the questions I’m hearing from investors. It’s not surprising given all the market volatility we’re experiencing and the mixed messages we’re seeing in the media.

As a result, many investors have the wrong information or are misguided, and I want to help fix that. I’ve launched the Allan Small Financial Show to educate and inform and answer your questions in real time. The show live-streams at noon every other Wednesday on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Over the course of about 30 minutes, I will talk about what’s happening in the markets, what every investor should be thinking about over the next five to 10 business days, and I’ll offer some foundational information – think of it as micro investing-101 lessons, such as RRSP pros and cons or how to choose the right financial advisor.

From time-to-time, guests will join me to share their unique insights and expertise. My first guest was Jonathan Chevreau, investing editor at large with MoneySense magazine, author and founder of The Financial Independence Hub. We spoke about how rising inflation and interest rates are impacting the markets and what investors can expect going forward.

But the heart of the show will be your investing questions. I’ve been a financial advisor for more than 25 years and am regularly interviewed by media outlets looking for financial commentary. I want to share what I know and what I’ve learned. I want to give you the right information to help you make the best investing decisions to help you meet your financial goals. Ask me about your individual portfolio, economics, any investing question you have.

Our next show is Wednesday, August 17th. I hope you join me – and bring your questions!

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My approach to investing is straightforward. I study the markets, global economies and what’s happening within industries to be in a position to best help my clients find good quality investments that will help them meet their goals. I build custom portfolios for each client. I welcome you to call me at 416-332-3863 or email me at allan@allansmall.com.