During an appearance on The Morning Show on Global Television, we discussed the question of why are investments one of the few things people don’t purchase when they are on sale? Given how much people love buying things on sale, it seems to be such a surprising contradiction. Many people will happily purchase something in a store that is 30 per cent off and talk about what a great bargain they found. They often feel extremely lucky that they have gotten something for such a great deal.

But when it comes to investments that are on sale, people tend to do the opposite and often take a pass. They wait until the price is rising and end up buying at a higher price (which isn’t what they want to be do). As you’ll see in this interview, we discuss some of the factors behind this reluctance and how, despite the mantra that you should ‘buy high and sell low’, many people do the exact opposite. How can you break this cycle and what steps you can take to decide when is the right time to make an investment?

Many turn to gold as a safe investment in turbulent times. But is that really a safe investment?

All of these topics are addressed in this interview. I hope you enjoy it.