Will This Bull Market Continue In 2015?

With the U.S. just celebrating their 6 year anniversary of the current bull (positive) market run, many investors are wondering can the rally in the equity (stock) markets continue? I have heard many investors and analysts say that the equity markets both here and in...

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Apple & Disney Firing On All Cylinders

This past Friday I spoke with with Greg Bonnell from BNN's The Close.  We discussed the wild 5 day ride in the markets, the continuation of the bull market, low interest rates, governments remaining accommodating, and oil.  Watch the full video here.

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A Perfect Portfolio To Retire On

In an interview with published on March 5, 2015, we looked at the portfolio of a couple planning to retire in 2016.  Check out the problem and the fix that provided a balanced portfolio with better returns and income, and less risk.

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Bullish On The Big 5 Banks

Today, I spoke with Frances Horodelski on Business Day AM at BNN about expectations for the month ahead and why I see value in the big five banks.  We covered the banks, China, interest rates, and inflation.  See the full video on BNN here.

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Qualities Of A Good Advisor

The Canadian and U.S. markets continue to be as volatile as they ever have been. Whether it is geopolitical tensions between Russia and Ukraine, terrorist activities around the world, or the price of oil and commodities falling sharply, the current volatility is here...

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Wine Tasting Sips & Investment Tips 2015

We had a great turnout for our annual wine tasting event on January 22, 2015 at Quince Bistro in Toronto. Joining us were some of my current clients and some new people - all interested in learning about the potential pitfalls that could derail the market rally in...

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What’s Next For The Canadian Dollar?

Yesterday on a Global News panel, we discussed what the Canadian dollar will do next as the price of oil continues to plunge. The impact of the Bank of Canada's interest rate cut to .75% brought the dollar down to 81.1 cents US overnight, but equity markets liked the...

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Growing Your Portfolio In Uncertain Times

Volatility in the current stock markets has left many investors puzzled about their next steps. Is it possible to grow your portfolio? Are there opportunities to invest? Today, the days of the buy and hold strategy are gone. Ask yourself: Are the investments being...

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Interview On

Recently, I was interviewed by after the volatility we've seen at the TSX.  They ran this article:  6 Mistakes Investors Make When Markets Tank. We discussed some of the mistakes people make including: trying to time the market, leaning too heavily on...

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Wine Tasting Sips & Investment Tips

Join me for an evening of great wine in Uptown Toronto and also gain some investment insights that could help you in 2015. Learn about the potential pitfalls that may derail the current bull market and create investor pain. We'll also talk about how to avoid these...

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Income For Retirees

It is difficult in general, to say what the best sources of yield or income are for retirees that are entering the drawdown stage of life. For many people, their investments provide the income they require to live life and pay their bills. However are the best sources...

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A Great Time To Be An Investor

Now that the Federal Reserve has made their announcement of QE3, what is the next event to take this market to the next level? We have seen the major North American stock markets rally with the expectation of Fed stimulus in both Europe and the United States and the...

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North American Markets Show Their Resiliency

How resilient have the North American markets been over the past few months? Many investors and analysts have been speaking recently about how the stock markets in the U.S. and Canada have struggled this past quarter. I on the other hand look at it differently! I...

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Buy The Dips And Sell The Rips

Buy the Dips and sell the Rips! A phrase I heard from a trader this past week. Buying investments after they have come down (Buy the Dips) and selling them once they have moved higher (Sell the Rips); this is what many traders apparently are doing over the last few...

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Before I met Allan Small, I was in the workforce and invested with one of the major Canadian banks, my retirement portfolio was going nowhere. After investing with Allan Small, I am now retired and have a secure financial future.

Scarborough, Ontario

Allan Small has acted as our financial advisor for the past 10 years and during that time we have developed a relationship built on trust and honesty. With Allan’s expertise, our portfolio has produced excellent results on a consistent basis.

Toronto, Ontario

I’ve had the pleasure of using Allan’s services for over 10 years. The only thing that has impressed me more than his responsiveness and overall professionalism has been the results. Amazing! I’m looking forward to another 10 years of success!

Nobleton, Ontario

For the past 12 years my financial future has been in Allan’s capable hands. Allan is honest, trustworthy and dedicated. I trust his advice and guidance, and now in my senior years I am always encouraged by his optimism! Thank you Allan.

Thornhill, Ontario

As a young investor, it's extremely comforting knowing my financial future is in the safe and fruitful hands of Allan. He's honest, transparent, dedicated to his craft, and he always responds - even on a beach vacation.

Toronto, Ontario

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