MoneySense – Investing With Your Gut

MoneySense – Investing With Your Gut

For some, the thrill of putting money into a high risk investment can be quite exciting. However, there are different things to consider before you make that investment. I spoke to Bryan Borzykowski from the Money Sense and shared my thoughts on higher risk investing....

A Perfect Portfolio To Retire On

In an interview with MoneySense.ca published on March 5, 2015, we looked at the portfolio of a couple planning to retire in 2016.  Check out the problem and the fix that provided a balanced portfolio with better returns and income, and less risk.

Interview On MoneySense.ca

Recently, I was interviewed by MoneySense.ca after the volatility we’ve seen at the TSX.  They ran this article:  6 Mistakes Investors Make When Markets Tank. We discussed some of the mistakes people make including: trying to time the market, leaning too heavily...